Essentially, our warehouses are endowed with the technological storage tradition and the function of progress with the most advanced storage and technology systems.

    The vertical rotary automatic storage system works according to the principle of the Ferris wheel, in such a way that it presents the goods to the operator.

    In particular, the automated closet has the ability to access all stored goods. In addition, it has a large storage space thanks to the installation of high density, uses the largest space in a minimum space, is able to keep pace with new innovations and future developments thanks to the modular structure of the system, has extensive features of security and ergonomic design, also, manages the logical control unit, greater precision in picking and energy saving technology.

    On the other hand, it needs 40% less energy, in such a way, the results are significantly reduced life cycle costs.

    The automated closet is the perfect solution for storage and picking of components as well as tools and spare parts. In fact, among the wide range of possible applications, each tray can be loaded with up to 350 kg.

    automated cabinet

    Here are some of its advantages:

    • High productivity of piking.
    • Elimination of routes in search of articles
    • High speed of execution.
    • Optimized use and reduction of storage space.
    • Picking mistakes reduction.
    • It guarantees the safety and protection of staff and equipment.
    • Position indication.
    • Up to 60% more storage capacity.
    • Located at the point of use quick access.
    • Well organized storage of small parts.
    • Suitable for all common storage containers.

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