Transportation management

    At Galyco Logistic Forwarding we work to find the best solution for distribution in terms of transit times, in addition to quality and cost effectiveness.

    This is the reason why we take care of managing the shipment planning, as well as the execution and administration of all transport operations regardless of size, volume or destination.

    On the other hand, and for your safety, you will be able to track shipments from collection to final delivery. Through our platform you will follow all your packages and in the same way, full loads, express delivery and air and maritime transport.

    Transport is par excellence one of the fundamental processes of the logistics strategy, in such a way, this component is of priority attention in the design and management of the logistics system.

    transportation management

    Without a doubt, the professionals in charge of the strategic and tactical decisions regarding the management of transport in Galyco Logistic Forwarding clearly know all the factors that influence transportation, as well as the existing means, the associated costs and the ideal methodology for their choice.

    Transportation management includes:

    • Orders management
    • Shipping planning
    • Transport execution and monitoring
    • Freight billing
    • Performance reports (KPIs)

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