Logistics for e-commerce

    Why choose Galyco in logistics for e-commerce?

    In Galyco Logistic Forwarding we are witnessing the enormous growth in the logistics sector for e-commerce.

    Recent studies show that 74.4% of spanish homes are connected and more than half of population actively participates in social networks. In 2015, electronic commerce invoiced 25,000 million euros worldwide. Given these data is not surprising that many companies are starting to integrate e-commerce to their business in order to achieve on-line success.

    In logistics for e-commerce we study different strategies to improve the overall performance of your business and use ICT to automate all administrative processes, enhance the collection and analysis of information.

    We offer our customers any necessary tools in order to streamline processes and undertake projects in consensual time spaces.

    We put at your disposal:

    • Management of all processes. Our AD HOC software enables us to adapt to each customer needs, so we adapt the processes to achieve a transparent online management for your ecommerce.
    • Specialized staff, in orrders preparation with technological solutions integrated in warehouse.
    • Special discounts on transport, given the agreements we have with the main transport companies, we can offer you the most competitive rates.
    • Online tracking of both stocks and expeditions.
    • Personalized customer service.
    • State-of-the-art warehouses to achieve the best results.

    In addition to…

    • Integration of logistics and transport with your ecommerce
    • Integration of third-party software with our processes
    • Automation in the import and export in your ecommerce
    • Marketing Tools
    • Automated communication with your customers.

    Do not have an online shop yet? We’ll have it set for you!

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