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    We are a logistics company in Barcelona and logistics operator , as Integral Logistics Operator we offer customized logistics solutions for the supply management and distribution of your merchandise . Our extensive experience allows us to develop the different needs of each of our clients throughout the supply chain, thanks in part to our urgent transport national and international urgent transport service

    As logistics operators , we take care of designing the processes of different stages of the supply chain of our customers that have to do with the supply, the transport , the storage of the goods and the distribution of these, in order to reach their customers in an optimal and efficient way, taking care of every detail throughout the process.

    Galyco Logistic Forwarding, is widely known in the Logistics in Barcelona sector and one of the integral logistics companies in Barcelona , more important in addition to one of the main < strong> logistics operators in Barcelona . We are committed to analyze and develop any type of custom request in the global logistics of storage, handling and preparation of orders, national and international distribution, palletizing systems, croos-docking, as well as internal and external product movements, compliance in All processes with the regulations and security indicated for each of them.

    To export your products both nationally and internationally, you must know that Galyco is your trusted logistics operator . We do all the work for you, from reception, to delivery. You can track your shipments and decide on any request from your customers in real time. Thanks to our Picking Barcelona and Packing Barcelona service, the supply chain is guaranteed

    Our Logistic warehouse in Barcelona with 33.0000m2 has the highest safety certifications, to offer our customers a guarantee of service as well as ADR warehouse or APQ or as a logistics warehouse in general. In our facilities located very close to the center of Barcelona, ​​we have a large area enabled for ADR Barcelona logistics warehouse In our division and area of ​​specific developments for customers, we have developed tools and online information systems, which They provide us with a differential factor in the sector, in mutual benefit with our clients. If you are looking for a logistics company in Barcelona Galyco Logístic Forwarding is the solution.

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