Multimodal transport

    Multimodal transport is the combination between different means of transport (land, air, sea or river). The objective of this method is to carry out more quickly and efficiently the operations of trans-shipment of goods from their origin to their destination (using containers, swap box, pallets or similar items used for the consolidation of loads).

    The importance of multimodal transport is that there can be no breakage of cargo and with a single logistics operator, that is, with a single transport contract. As a result, you can save costs and can offer your customers more competitive prices.

    In other words, multimodal transport is a combined transport which is necessary to use more than one type of “vehicle” for the transfer of goods from their place of origin to their final destination. There can be no breakage of cargo, that is, the merchandise must always remain united, and through a single contract of transport, a single interlocutor.

    transporte multimodal

    From Galyco Logistic Forwarding we want to become your only interlocutor. We are well committed to reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For this we also have an exhaustive control of the costs thanks to the management of the means (9,200 trucks, more than 10,000 trailers, 5,500 containers and 1,800 client containers). With all this Galyco Logistic Forwarding guarantees the traceability of your flows, we will monitor compliance with the safety conditions of dangerous goods and provide the possibility of measuring the performance of your transport system. A complete multimodal transport service.

    Advantages of using multimodal transport

    • vistoSave costs with a single interlocutor during the entire process.
    • vistoReduction in customs controls.
    • vistoReduction of delivery times.
    • vistoControlled goods, lower risk of losses.
    • vistoTracking real-time shipping.

    This type of transport is very practical in moving goods both nationally and internationally, since, in addition to the peace of having a single logistics operator, we add the reduction of costs involved in signing a single contract. Thus, we present to our clients the possibility of offering more competitive prices.

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