Rental with driver

    Our rental service with driver gives us the confidence of our customers. In many occasions the reliability of the service and above all, the confidence in the success goes through the experience of a company. Satisfying the customer is the greatest of our objectives and with each of the services we offer our clients we work to make it so. To build this relationship with our customers, some elements are necessary:

    rental with driver
    • Qualified and trained drivers in road safety and responsible driving (continuous training)
    • Professional drivers, with knowledge and sensible to their sector of activity demands.
    • Information on CO2 emissions thanks to the certified carbon calculator, fuel consumption control, optimization of the transport plan
    • Fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles that adapt to your needs:
      • From semi-trailers to light vehicles, all our trucks are new (maximum 5 years) and comply with the regulations in force.
      • Special vehicles adapted to your needs: cisterns (for hydrocarbons, dangerous goods, powdery bulk, etc.), refrigerated trucks, truck cranes and / or platform trucks
      • Possibility of designing customized vehicles (Specific corporate signage)

    The factors of our success.

    • We offer a flexible service that always adapts to the needs of our customers.
    • We provide a customer service guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to the staff permanent availability
    • We are characterized by the flexibility to adjust the means to the seasonal variations of our customers’ activity
    • We prepare a change management plan and long-term follow-up: specialized management team, monthly reports, etc.
    • The first ambassadors and image of our brand are our drivers

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