Information systems

    In Galyco Logistic Forwarding we take full advantage of the technological resources within our reach and this reason why our information system makes us leaders in the industry enabling us to control all those processes that are critical and also, monitor the activities in a personalized way until linking them with the individualized shipment follow-up until final delivery to your customers.

    sistemas de información

    In Galyco Logistic Forwarding we use information services as a strategic element with which we innovate, compete and achieve your goals in a globalized environment. Information systems integrate people, processes, data and technology, and go beyond the threshold of the organization, to collaborate in more efficient ways with suppliers, distributors and customers.

    Our constant technological commitment means that we can offer our customers a greater degree of efficiency and profitability in processes and information. The adaptability of Grupo Logístico Galyco is our gateway to any system. Our “open” technology allows our users to open new channels in communication.

    Information systems generate cost savings

    The quality of our information systems has a reason for being, the objective is to provide the best functionality, efficiency and total visibility over the entire process. With a single and clear aim: to offer our customers, not only a saving of final costs, but an optimal quality service.

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