Storage in Barcelona

    Pallet storage in Barcelona

    We have a logistics warehouse in Barcelona of 33000m2, with the latest technological advances to offer our customers the widest variety of services as a leading logistics company in Barcelona . Galyco puts at your disposal more than 15 years of experience as a logistics company, to give solution to all those companies that are looking for a reliable supplier for pallet storage in Barcelona .

    In logistics, the great challenge we face is to offer storage services in Barcelona to optimize all logistics areas and thus obtain maximum reliability, speed and profitability throughout the chain of supply . In fact, to consolidate this challenge, it is necessary to specify and control all the logistics processes, integrated systems, distributions and storage to finally have a powerful network.

    Storage in Barcelona

    To do this and always depending on the specification notebook, basically, we provide specific and customized logistics solutions for each of our clients, with a highly qualified staff within the entire supply chain.

    We are constantly growing and our more than 20 years of experience allow us to study and develop new logistics solutions for the new needs of each of the industries.

    Our intelligent warehouses are strategically located in Barcelona and Valencia with more than 21,000 m 2 conditioned to the storage of your merchandise.

    We contribute to our clients, the most wide range of services for integral logistics with the best solutions and integrated systems to improve the flow of your goods. Giving a global solution as a logistics storage service in Barcelona.

    Our logistics services include:

    • Location of our warehouses in the provinces of Barcelona and Valencia.
    • Shelving space for high and low density merchandise.
    • Middle-pallet location (American-pallet) monoreference.
    • Locations and spaces for multi-reference holes.
    • Dedicated shelves for delicate goods of high or low rotation.
    • Special spaces for delicate merchandise.
    • Robotic warehouse for high-low rotation materials.
    • Radio identification of spaces and locations.
    • Daily departure of National and International orders ..
    • Distribution in terms of 24, 72 or 96 h. depending on the country of destination.
    • Goods receipts intended for storage.
    • cross-docking tickets.
    • Traceability of tickets and occupancy.
    • Selective and rotating inventories.
    • Stock control.
    • Optimization of spaces depending on the type of merchandise.

    If you are looking for a Barcelona logistics warehouse service, trust Galyco Logistic Forwarding, the global provider for storage in Barcelona .

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