Why is it necessary to take care of the logistics of online stores?

    The 2019 Annual Ecommerce Study has shown again that data from the e-commerce sector continues to rise, with a significant increase in the number of people shopping directly through mobile. This would not be possible if the logistics of online stores had not improved significantly in recent years.

    Logistics, an indispensable requirement of an ecommerce

    Many digital purchases are impulse purchases, which makes the consumer want to get the product in their hands as soon as possible. There are numerous studies that reveal that logistics has become fundamental when it comes to making a customer choose one store and not another to make their purchases.

    What the current consumer is looking for is to receive the product at home in a very short time, that the shipping costs are low (or even zero) and that, if you have to make a return, you can make it quickly and without complications.

    As you can imagine, none of this is possible without a good logistics service. That's why having a quality logistics partner is critical for any online store that wants to succeed.

    If you look at the customer reviews of different online stores you will see that many comments are related to delivery. If a consumer has had a bad experience with the delivery of the product, he will surely not buy in that store again no matter how much he likes his products or its prices.

    Features of good online store logistics

    We already know that logistics companies are fundamental to online stores. But it is not worth any, it is necessary that the contracted service is specialized in ecommerce and meets a number of requirements.

    Offer different types of shipments

    Not all stores with a digital presence are the same or sell the same products, so they need specialized services. Depending on your product, a store may need your logistics company to offer you standard shipments or for bulky, fragile, or even perishable products.

    Prices adjusted for service

    While normal shipments are usually cheaper, those with some specialty have a higher price. However, the rates that are applied today are quite competitive, allowing to offer the end customer a price that he considers fair for shipping costs.

    Wide delivery areas

    The wider the area where the logistics operator works, the further an online store can get its products.

    logistics online stores

    In the case of national distribution, it is essential to have a company that offers delivery service in territories that are not part of the peninsula: balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

    The shortest delivery times possible

    You may have noticed that delivering the product as soon as possible is becoming a differentiating element that many companies are starting to use. Big companies are already testing same-day delivery in the largest cities.

    It is true that small online stores have very difficult to compete with this, but they should try to shorten the delivery times as much as possible. In order to do so, they must have the help of a logistics company that is able to make domestic deliveries within 72 hours.

    Offer reverse logistics service

    Any online store that is looking for a logistics service should take into account if the operators offer reverse logistics, since having it is essential to give a good service to the consumer.

    It's reverse logistics that allows you to make a return quickly and without complications when you receive a package at home and, under any circumstances, decide you don't want it.

    Logistics and customer service

    Undoubtedly, nowadays no online store can achieve success if it does not have at its side a good partner who takes care of the logistical tasks.

    Moreover, the quality of the logistics service will also depend on the quality of customer service that ecommerce can give. Only if there is a good tracking system, the store can notify the consumer in time in case of any type of incident with the delivery, and even give information about where your order is at all times.

    Ecommerces and logistics operators must work together to get the products to the recipient as soon as possible, to do so in perfect conditions and that, if necessary, the return can be easily managed. And all this without losing sight of the price, which should be as tight as possible so that shipping costs do not pose an obstacle to the purchase.

    Did you imagine that logistics for online stores was so important? If you have your own business and want to achieve success, at Galyco we are at your disposal. We are the logistics partner you were looking for. Talk?