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    he 8 essential tips to choose a good logistics partner

    The ecommerce they have to face certain deadlines, previously defined, toguarantee customer satisfaction. And, if one of the links in the chain fails, it can mean losing the customer forever. That’s why it’s so important to know how to choose the perfect logistics partner right.

    How to choose a logistics partner

    When choosing the logistics and transport for your company, it is not enough to settle. In addition to strictly complying with the storage and shipping conditions that you establish, your ideal logistics partner will be the one that is able to provide you and your customers with added value. Making the purchase process as easy as possible and allowing the personalization of shipments are two very important keys today, but they are not the only ones.

    Keep in mind that it is very likely that many of your clients do not have physical contact with your brand regardless of the reception of your products. Thus, it is essential that the experience be positive . And that is not achieved without the help of a logistics company in Barcelona.

    The 8 essential tips.

    Here we tell you what are the keys that will help you choose your ideal logistics company, the one that eventually becomes your & nbsp; partner undisputed.

    1. Stock storage and control

    Much of the success of a online store lies in the way its products are received, sorted, stored and prepared for shipment. All this must be valued when you are going to choose your logistics partner . Especially with regard to the automation of all these phases of the transport process.

    In addition, it is essential that the logistics company you choose carries out efficient stock management , which is also capable of integrating correctly with your ERP. Thus, you will avoid failures or deficiencies in the moments of greatest commercial activity.

    2. Adaptability and flexibility

    This is somewhat complicated to assess before starting work with a logistics operator in particular. However, it is possible that you can intuit, by the opinions issued by other companies or by the comments that they themselves transport you, to what extent they are willing to adapt to your needs.

    No company is the same as another, and in the same way the services provided by a logistics operator are never the same as those of its competitors. That your partner is flexible and wants and knows how to adapt to you is essential.

    3. Supplier Management

    It is key that logistics companies work directly with your suppliers. It should not be forgotten that, at present, the most frequent is that online stores offer products from several different suppliers; and the objective of this is none other than to offer the final customer the highest possible quality and variety. Don’t spoil it by choosing the wrong logistics operator.

    4. Delivery Alternatives

    The frantic day to day that we carry today makes it impossible for us to cover all the needs of our clients by offering a single delivery method. A complete and satisfactory shopping experience is only possible if you have a logistics company that offers:

    Multiple days of delivery , to choose based on your availability.

    Different delivery options , such as the possibility of picking it up at a collaborating point of sale.

    5. Real Time Tracking

    We have reached a point where almost all consumers expect to know where their package is at all times. That your partner offers the possibility of accessing this information in an easy and intuitive way is almost an obligation.

    6. Reverse logistics

    Accept it: Returns are part of the purchase process . You should not make it difficult for the user in this regard. And that depends largely on how reverse logistics works; Company you hire.

    7. Added services

    That your partner can offer you developments adapted especially to your business is, without a doubt, another point in favor. And this is not only key to the client and the final result, but the supply chain itself (and its associated costs) will be favored.

    Also, the custom development of your online store, marketing action planning, social media management or even product photography are some of the high value-added services that many logistics and transportation companies offer.

    8. Innovation and technology

    These we have told you are the main factors to assess when choosing a partner … At least for now. Technology advances by leaps and bounds, and what is worth today, tomorrow may not work. Choose only those companies that know how to adapt to each particular advance.

    Ensuring the quality of the supply chain must be a priority for all companies that sell and ship products over the Internet. And we, as your logistics partner , guarantee it 100%. Call us and find out!