Picking and packing in food logistics: what are their differences

    The Spanish agri-food sector is one of the most active, and controlling food logistics is essential to avoid taking risks in food safety. The picking and the packing are two techniques that help us ship these products, often perishable, in record time and with all accuracy. Did you know them

    What is the picking

    Often, terms like picking and packing are often confused. And the truth is that the difference is important let’s see the first.

    Picking refers to collection, collection or selection. That is to say, to a process of preparation of an order in which the products of the different places of the warehouse have to be selected and collected (shelves, corridors, rooms …).

    Subsequently, these products are organized before being packaged and sent to their final recipient. The picking can be done using manual or automated processes , which greatly increases the efficiency of the process. Thus, such automation is becoming a natural trend.

    The phases that make up the picking are:

    Preparation. Here data is collected and classified orders are delivered. It is time to prepare trucks, pallets, cars, etc..

    Travel. It is the displacement from the area of ​​operations to the location of the products necessary to collect them and return to the area of ​​operations.

    Extraction. It is the moment that corresponds to the extraction, counting and return of the remaining product. Also in this phase the product must be located on its transport.

    Conditioning verification . This last phase of the picking process corresponds to the control, packaging and conditioning of the product in the boxes, as well as its weighing and labeling. Subsequently, the order will be transferred to the dispatch and classification area so that it leaves for its destination.

    What is he packing

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    The packing , meanwhile, can be defined as the packaging and packaging of the products. During this process, attention must be paid to the physical and chemical characteristics of these goods, since this will be essential for good logistics .

    Keep in mind that the result of packing will be the first impression a customer will have of you. And that, in these times of online opinions and unboxings , is of capital relevance.

    The logistics sector in Spain is increasingly relevant at an economic level, since it represents a very interesting percentage of our GDP. Therefore, it is essential that the work of picking and packing be accurate.

    Its importance in food logistics

    La Logistics in Barcelona , and in general throughout the country, has undergone a great evolution due, in part, to the digitalization of this sector. Delivery times are getting shorter, and you can even receive orders on the same day. But the logistics of food does not advance so fast despite the experiments that are being launched, and today substantial losses are suffered by each order.

    The temperature at which the products can be transported must be taken into account and the cold chain must be guaranteed at all times to comply with hygienic and quality specifications . Unlike what happens in other sectors, logistics here is not only a facilitator, but also a fundamental pillar in the success of the food industry.

    The most important factors that you should take into account in the challenges of food logistics are the following.


    In this industry the traceability, and this refers to the possibility of tracking food from its origin to the final consumers. Its objectives can range from informing the customer to controlling the distribution processes or guaranteeing, for example, the origin of a product with designation of origin. Although the most relevant of this is that, thanks to it, if any type of incident arises, it can be acted very quickly.


    A good food logistics operator must be rigorous with the maintenance of the cold chain to guarantee the perfect state of the goods and their organoleptic conditions. Transport vehicles must be perfectly conditioned and have the necessary spaces and atmospheric conditions to offer the best service. An obvious example of these transports are isothermal cold rooms, but it can also be a milk tanker.

    Computerized controls

    Thanks to the ERP bar code reading and radiofrequency identification control systems, you can instantly know the exact place where the merchandise is, to expedite both the picking and the packing . Digitization is a fact, and a great competitive advantage in food logistics.

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