Top 10 logistics companies

    Today you will discover the top 10 of logistics companies in Spain . They are considered as such because they meet the delivery deadlines, the quality of their services and their customer service.

    Top 10 of logistics companies in Spain

    To succeed, a logistics company in Spain must not only meet the above requirements, but must have the ability to react to any adversity. Other criteria that are evaluated are the radius of action, the capacity of the service and how they apply the technology to improve your processes.
    Top 10 logistics companies
    Let’s look at the top ten companies. First of all, be careful: this top is not sorted by quality order. It is not a ranking!


    This Malaga company has been a supplier of an important food chain since 2003. It has different offices throughout the national territory and an experience of over 50 years , which is synonymous with quality and trust.

    He also works internationally in Europe and Morocco. You can make sea and land shipments.


    One of the largest global logistics companies in the world. Its owner is the German Deutsche Post, which has a traditional mail, parcel, courier, aircraft, trucks, ships, vans …

    It is a company that understands the importance of marketing and, therefore, is one of the most recognizable and praised of the entire planet.


    It stands out for its great management capacity, quality and efficiency. You can count on them for both simple shipments and engineering projects that must be sent by sea, land or air, both nationally and internationally.

    Its main feature is the speed in its operations . It also has a multi-volume cargo service and can transport dangerous goods at extremely competitive prices. It is one of the most recommended logistics companies due to its speed, security, prices, commitment and experience.

    Full Safe Logistics

    This logistics company in Barcelona has more than 20 years of experience, operates throughout the European Union and its greatest guarantees are its safety, effectiveness and speed. It puts at your disposal different services, among which the labeling, packaging, storage, control of stock , customer service or return management stand out.

    Its differentiating point is that it has woven strategic alliances with different transport providers, which will make the cost of shipments one of the most competitive and lowest in the market.

    Grupo Carreras

    Its 87 years of history make this Spanish company one of the most important. Over time, he has developed a large international network . Master different fields of the logistics sector such as storage, paletería, transport, distribution and point of sale work.

    Transportation is usually carried out by road or rail, both in Spain and Portugal. The reasons for choosing this company are its large amount of resources and experience nationwide, as well as the quality of its services.


    This logistics operator provides a wide range of comprehensive services. It has national and international coverage and its shipments are terrestrial.

    Among its groupage and full load services, the distribution of palletized merchandise, parcels and storage stand out. Its differentiating points and most important are the efficiency in solving problems at the logistics level, quality and punctuality. However, its main characteristic is that they carry out the entire logistics chain with a door-to-door service.


    We cannot do a top of Spanish logistics without talking about SEUR. A storage and transportation company, a subsidiary of the French group Geopost. Its main features are its franchising structure and its capacity for urgent deliveries.


    If you ask yourself which is the best maritime freight company, the answer cannot be other than Maerskline. This company of Danish origin is a benchmark in the logistics sector , and easily recognizable thanks to its light blue boats.

    It has 500 container ships and a total of more than 4 million containers.

    Transporte y Logística Avanzada

    This Madrid company has 16 years of experience behind it, and works specifically in the European parcel delivery sector. Its capacity is 700 europalés, and the means of delivery can be air or land.

    One of its greatest features is speed, as it guarantees the receipt of a shipment in just 24 hours. In addition, it offers an urgent service with which you can receive the merchandise on the same day. It also offers a logistics and storage service.


    This logistics company is the giant of express shipments . It has the largest cargo air fleet in the world and has 300,000 workers. Its headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee, although it operates in many other countries, including Spain.

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