10 tips to improve your logistics warehouse in Barcelona

    Having a logistics warehouse in Barcelona will benefit you, being able to offer professional management in any supply chain that you must carry out and guaranteeing your customers satisfactory results. By proposing a series of useful and practical ideas, we want to help you make your orders properly managed and offer a professional and trusted corporate image.

    The importance of a logistics warehouse in Barcelona

    If you strive to get a good base in the structuring of your warehouse, you will save significant time, increase efficiency and improve the productivity of the company. It is very important that when a customer calls to know the status of their order, you can respond quickly with data about the status of the order in real time.

    This information will generate trust in your customers. In the same way, the goods arrive properly packed and with fragile items properly protected.

    10 tips to improve the management of a logistics warehouse

    It is important that you follow this series of recommendations to perform a good management of your warehouse and the different processes that may need your customers' orders.

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    1. Personalized strategies

    You'll first need to evaluate the number of orders you prepare in a day, so you can deploy one type of strategy or another. If your business is small, you can prepare orders as customers confirm them.

    On the other hand, if you have a large company the tactic should be focused on creating an ordering department with an expert staff in the sector.

    2. Studying the design of the working environment

    Your warehouse must have large shelves and hallways so employees and their machines can work comfortably. Try to distribute your products in the warehouse in alphabetical order, codes, frequency of purchase or any other system to make your shipments faster.

    3. Using machines for heavy-duty transport

    If you have to prepare orders with heavy items, you must equip your warehouse with machines adapted to this type of loads, such as forklifts or pallet trucks.

    4. Use of innovative technology products

    Technology equipment, such as barcode readers, will help you a lot to keep track of inventory and avoid logistics errors. The packaging machinery, on the other hand, will help you to speed up the preparation of your orders, thanks to its speed and its optimal way of protecting items; you want to assess the feasibility of this investment.

    5. Employee Responsibilities Structure

    You may want to designate a task for each employee. The more knowledge your department employees have, the more efficiency you'll give to the public. That's why we recommend that you choose, for example, packaging managers, loading material or inventorying.

    6. Placing a best-selling area

    I'm sure you have some products that are better sold than others. You should place them near the goods receipt and exit, in order to lighten the shipping process. After all, it's about saving time and preventing a lot of traffic in the warehouse aisles.

    7. Delimit areas within the warehouse

    By delimiting storage and work areas you'll get more productivity. Study well the strategic places to place the goods reception area or the one where the trucks should be located to unload. Once employees become familiar with this new organization, the entire logistics process will be much more automatic and professional.

    8. Product organization

    For a better warehouse organization, it is preferable that you classify your products according to their characteristics. For example, you can collect bulky products on the one hand and refurbished products on the other.

    9. Avoid storage as much as possible

    You can apply the technique of requesting items from your suppliers when your customers ask for them from you. This system, commonly called cross-docking, is increasingly in vogue because you won't have to store the packages in your facilities, preventing their deterioration or collapsing your storage space.

    10. Prepare orders with repeat products

    If you have multiple orders in demand for an identical item, it is preferable that you prepare them at the same time so that you do not waste time on trips to the area where they are located.

    Professionals specialized in the management of a logistics warehouse

    If you prefer to hire a logistics company to take care of all the control of managing your orders, you will get a practical and comfortable way to ensure a professional organization of your products.

    Customers like to receive their orders as they asked, and with these experts you will avoid mistakes. They will develop and review orders with the necessary quality controls to deliver satisfactory deliveries.

    In conclusion, managing a logistics warehouse in Barcelona successfully will depend on the structuring of your company's space, the specialization and the responsibilities that the different professionals in your position assume and the exhaustive organization of the products you want to market. Request information from professionals!