Best Barcelona Packing Company

    Packing in Barcelona contributes to e-commerce with contributions of different nature. It helps to protect a good, facilitate storage, allow handling and accompany on the move until reaching the end user. In addition, it identifies a brand with the promotion of the presence in the market by a combination of functional design and logistical creativity.

    Packaging features for ecommerce

    Ecommerce occupies almost the same categories as traditional commerce works. Few activities resist this new means of contacting offers with the target audience. In this variety you can see the following characteristics that delimit and mark the guidelines followed by the distribution channels:

    1. The materials used are determined by their qualities of strength and protection of the purchase. They also influence the price and legal standards that limit the use of hard-to-recycle packaging. Thus, in food they follow the guidelines set out in Objective H2030 which bets on a circular economy, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In general, cardboard is among the most versatile and practical materials.

    2. The packaging should participate and pleasantly multiply first impressions and experiences of use. Ecommerce is closely linked to the media phenomenon of unboxing as sales promoter content. In this field the packaging is part of the first contact with the final receiver. It is an effective tool to identify the mark and leave some signs in this element that reflect its values.

    3. Return management is not improvised, and because of the volume of sales it demands mature solutions. The economic figures of e-commerce keep growing. You know that on the most efficient annual dates it is traditional that the sales made in the previous edition are exceeded.

    4. Packaging must collaborate in warehouse handling or automation operations. The solution you find for this purpose should not neglect this functional facet of the processes involved in distribution.

    5. Packaging must pay a differentiated address to each distribution channel used and to different forms of presentation. It is an important issue when it is possible to divide the product into smaller or larger volumetric units.

    Packing in Barcelona to reinforce brand image

    When, as a customer you receive a product, the packaging involves a down payment or introductory phase to give it the first use. The impact it has on a consumer is threefold. On the one hand, it provides you with a comfortable and pleasant means for your transport. It also issues messages to the identifying senses of the brand. Colors, textures, and geometric designs are never random because they convey meanings. And finally, it reinforces the emotional component that solves the customer’s need.

    The packing in Barcelona corresponds to a well-connected urban area and which receives multiple influences from other European capitals. This is not an obstacle for retail to have its own peculiarities located geographically and temporarily.

    Ecommerce disseminates the best findings on these topics globally. This scenario globalizes and internationalizes very successful solutions, competition is somehow forced not to be left behind in this field of marketing applied to distribution

    How to choose the best packing?

    In order for you to choose the best packing you have to apply a uniform criterion, in line with the company’s brand strategies. When attending the special characteristics of the product catalog, you review the following notes:

    1. Ecological and sustainable commitment. It is an aspect that has become widespread in all sectors of retail. Concern for the environment and the use of low-impact materials tends to be a basic and indispensable principle.

    2. Customization capability. Packaging can be tuned to customer preferences to reflect values with which they feel identified. At this point it is about reinforcing the emotional components that accompany the purchase.

    3. Packaging with a strong corporate character. It is when you have a very strong brand and the packaging serves to underline the differentiated origin of the products it protects.

    4. Apply designs taken from iconographic models that reflect an extraordinary lifestyle or quality. They are special packaging for products that claim to be recognized for quality and a certain exclusivity of consumption.

    5. Packaging that participates in a recognizable visual mold with a strong emotional component. Products that mimic vintage styles or inspired by the history of cinematography ‘participate in this marketing idea to go on the market

    In conclusion, the packing in Barcelona converges with the trends present in the retail of other international cities. It combines a concert of intentions aimed at promoting sales. Advertising creativity seeks to surprise, but without loss of the functional qualities that a commercial packaging must possess. We would like to know your impressions on these topics, in the comments you have the opportunity to express them.