Reverse Logistics Barcelona

    Reverse logistics often appears in specialized industrial distribution media. Digital media-based projects require this activity in their daily progress. It occurs when you offer a commercial service that has focused on the satisfaction of consumer preferences.

    What is reverse logistics?

    Reverse logistics deals with the requirements associated with the movement of goods, but with a change in direction. That is, if the natural meaning of the distribution goes from the manufacturer to the customer, here we see a turn of 180 degrees.

    The reasons for this return to the starting point show a huge diversity of causes. However, they can be grouped into two broad categories:

    1. The management of returns by the conditions established in the purchase or by circumstances arising. This group has a very large impact on the subsequent evaluation of the purchase. When you keep customers you save subsequent investments to renew engagement. You have no choice but to be careful on this issue.

    2. The social responsibility of companies, which encourages them to participate in the recycling or treatment of materials after the end of their useful life. Selective collection of out-of-use constituent elements represents an activity less related to e-commerce. However, it matches the ecommerce in applying reverse logistics. Technological products, for example, by having highly polluting and usable materials are preferred candidates for this category.

    Companies expect logistics services, prepared for ecommerce, to consider this modality of their agendas as a basic competition. Of course, it will be a way of distinguishing and reaffirming the quality of your offers against the competition.

    Customer service, priority in ecommerce

    E-commerce goes hand in hand with a cluster of experiences that gain your will when you confront them with those produced in physical stores. At the same time, you may find it difficult to complete the purchase without the presence of the purchased goods. With the shipment of a product from the customer to the distributor begins the resolution of an incident that would otherwise be impossible.

    For the promotion of online sales, a standardization of the use of this channel is elementary and that it is recorded in memory. Communication, by different means, and good after-sales attention ensure that dynamic sales environment. Reverse logistics is involved in establishing a bridge between a commercial project and the customer, regardless of the place of purchase.

    When a sale occurs, the conditions for the return of the products are always on the balance edge. The goods will have to correspond to the expectations created by the information and description provided through the device screen.

    The warranties offered and the price are essential pieces to end the online transaction. Numerous purchases are abandoned in the last phase by some minor detail that prevents, for the customer, take the last step of purchase on the web.

    Reverse logistics, indispensable in online stores

    Retail in recent years has had a field of expansion thanks to online stores. Much of the sector’s dynamism has come from new trends in the way it informs and consumes. Competition in this new medium is determined by the relationship between quality and price. But other factors are also found.

    An important variable is the ability that each company demonstrates to solve last minute incidents. Thanks to a good, fast and comfortable personalized customer service, it grows brand value. Customers become promoters of offers while repeating with more online purchases.

    Reverse logistics contributes to the growth of an online store in the following ways:

    1. A good service removes complications from the purchase process, because with the successful management of returns other problems are tackled.

    2. It favors more open attitudes and arouses interest in experimenting.

    3. Decreases the subjective feeling of high price. The company’s products are not appreciated as risky products.

    4. It is a sign of the firm’s commitment to customers and the seriousness with which they are provided with the commercial service.

    5. Reduces troubleshooting times.

    6. It is a favorable point for the company to demonstrate operational capacity beyond the limitations of the digital medium.

    7. Avoid bad reactions about statistically unavoidable incidences. Prestige must be cemented by integrity and commitment. For each of the sales made, forget any calculationthates that ignore the customer’s interests. This good harmony is perceived and disseminated in the same digital medium by social networks.

    In short, reverse logistics expands the commercial capacity of projects developed on the Internet. It gives them an indispensable management support for a good brand image. We would like to know your impressions on this topic, you have the opportunity to express them in the comments.